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Luminex is now a DiaSorin company
On July 14, Luminex became a part of the DiaSorin Group. Learn more about DiaSorin and the transaction here.
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Thomas W. Erickson

Chairman of the Executive Committee

Thomas W. Erickson, age 61. Mr. Erickson has served as a member of the board of directors since May 2004. Mr. Erickson served as our Interim President and Chief Executive Officer from September 2002 until our hiring of Mr. Balthrop in May 2004. He is currently chairman of the board of Inmar, Inc., a reverse logistics and revenue recovery company. Previously, he served as a Senior Advisor to New Mountain Capital, LLC, a private equity firm, chairman and interim president of National Medical Health Card Systems, Inc., a pharmacy benefits manager, chairman of the board of PATHCare, Inc., an operator of long term care facilities, chairman of the board of TransHealthcare, Inc., a health care services company, chairman and interim president and chief executive officer of LifeCare Holdings, Inc., an operator of long-term acute care hospitals, and interim president and chief executive officer and director of Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc., a healthcare focused real estate investment trust. Mr. Erickson was also co-founder, president and chief executive officer of CareSelect Group, Inc., a physician practice management company. Earlier in his career, he held several management positions at American Hospital Supply Corporation. Mr. Erickson currently serves on the board of directors of American Renal Associates, a national provider of kidney dialysis services. Mr. Erickson holds a Bachelors degree from University of Iowa and an M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University.

Mr. Erickson brings to the board of directors extensive experience managing and growing healthcare industry companies, as well as significant general experience serving in leadership roles on boards and board committees of other public companies. Through his experience serving as Luminex’s Interim President and Chief Executive Officer from September 2002 until May 2004, Mr. Erickson offers to the board detailed insight into the Company’s business and management considerations. Through his substantial experience in the healthcare industry, in particular healthcare services and delivery, Mr. Erickson offers valuable insight on Luminex and its product offerings from the perspective of healthcare providers.

Independent Director

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