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Corporate Governance - Highlights

Luminex is committed to honest, fair and open business conduct and a culture dedicated to these principles. We believe that our stakeholders - customers, partners, investors, employees and vendors - depend on Luminex to conduct its business with ethics and values of a high standard. Corporate governance is a responsibility we take seriously every day.

We have taken several steps to establish good corporate governance practices and ensure compliance with the law. We have implemented a Code of Compliance, including a senior code of conduct, and provide compliance training for all employees and officers; we have revised our Board committee structures and charters to accommodate recent changes in the law, including Sarbanes-Oxley; we have established an internal disclosure committee to review our public financial disclosures; and we have created separate compliance and audit reporting hotlines for reporting any suspected violations of our Code of Compliance or financial irregularities, respectively.

The Compliance and Information Reporting hotline:

The Accounting and Financial Controls hotline:

  • 1-866-363-5400
  • The Chairman of the Audit Committee can be reached at 615-804-2601

Committee Charters


Governance Documents